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Welcome to the new emergence of Nameless Numberhead.

After much time spent in painful metamorphosis, Nameless Numberhead now begins to peek out into daylight.

Here you can find information about the general status of Nameless Numberhead, this website, and the new album: Vox Musica, Vox Deus

Current Happenings:
NN Sleeeps:
Nameless Numberhead is resting in preparation.

NN Live:
Nameless Numberhead has begun the operations necessary to express itself through human conduits. These operations require much delicacy and time, but the day will come soon when the initiates of Nameless Numberhead are ready to come forward for all to see.

Work accomplished:
"Vox Musica, Vox Deus" has been completed. It now stands poised to walk uncovered in the full light.

Vox Musica, Vox Deus:
Album Completed. Worldly modifications and adjustments being made to accomodate its needs.

"Half the Beast" single:
This project has been placed on the back-burner, perhaps permanently.

The Ventilate compilation CD, put together by Mirko Sossai, has been released. Nameless Numberhead's track "Half the Beast" is included in the compilation. Have a look if you're so inclined. Includes the works of other local artists.
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