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Nameless Numberhead is the brainchild of creator Seth Harris. The project began in 2000 with a series of late-night improvisational sessions in the back of a video store. The mind/energy space opened up in those sessions is a continual wellspring of creativity and inspiration.

To date, three albums have been produced: one unnamed album in 2002, followed by "Both Sides of the Surface" in 2004, and "Vox Musica, Vox Deus", completed in 2008. Catastrophic data failures have potentially destroyed all traces of the first and all source files for the second, which has survived largely by luck. The third is offered here.

The music of Nameless Numberhead seeks out the hypnagogic mind, looking to bring the listener to places of creativity and insight by any means available. At once emotional, intellectual, symbolic, hypnotic, mechanical and human, Nameless Numberhead does not lend itself easily to comparison or classification.

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