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The Infamous Technological Curse of Nameless Numberhead
Currently, Nameless Numberhead is experiencing the last gasp of what can only be described as a curse on the technological implements used for its expression. This curse has been present almost since NN's inception: Hard drive crashes, random data overwrites, impossible-to-pinpoint hardware defects, incomprehensible and vexing technological problems of every stripe... all these are, or rather were, the domain of the curse surrounding the progress of Nameless Numberhead.

Thankfully, after much soul-searching, the energy behind this curse has been identified and released as of today (Jan 21, 2008). Unfortunately, this took place after its last gasp, which left the computer which stores Vox Musica, Vox Deus hobbled and virtually unable to handle the workload required of it. Thus, the Estimated Time of Arrival of Nameless Numberhead's next materialization cannot be calculated for the time being, or even guessed at. If you add yourself to the mailing list, you'll hear about it when things are happening again.

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