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Fantasy Art by Amy Edwards
Here you'll find the artwork of Amy Edwards, the excellent artist and general awesome person who did the layout and design for this site.

Electronic music by Brendan Landis of Crust and the Yemenese Heterosexuals. Possible communist sympathiser and freedom-hater.

Beau Sievers
A few offerings from Beau Sievers, drummer and all-around sound synthesis guy.

Sexing Education
A blog on sexual issues by David Khalili, a guy studying for his degree in being a pervert.

Ventilate Compilation CD
A compilation of electronic artists from the Illawarra, featuring Nameless Numberhead's track "Half the Beast".

Music Geek Stuff:

A musical composition program in Python written by Seth Harris of Nameless Numberhead.

If you don't already know it, PureData is a really good visual sound programming environment.

Jazzmutant Lemur
An interesting looking control interface. Not a paid advertisement, just something to have on the brain.

A protocol we can only hope will completely supplant MIDI in the forseeable future.

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